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What is Family law?

One of the most challenging aspects of the law is the effect that it has on the common man. Criminal and civil cases are easily handled but when it comes to family cases, things are vastly different. Family legal cases deal with anything that is not criminal in nature and encompass the following. Pre-marriage agreements (such as prenuptial agreements), divorces, custody disputes, adoptions, cases of competency for the mentally ill, emancipation child support and paternity. Most family cases are long, drawn out and packed full of emotions.

What happens during a family law case?

Family legal cases can be very difficult to deal with. Often times, they are rife with emotion and the lines of reality and fact can become blurred. If you have a case you need to bring before the courts, the steps to do this and the outcomes can be very different. For example, if you suspect your ex-spouse of abusing your child and are seeking full custody of your child, the process would work like this. First, if you are sure of your suspicions, then you must phone the authorities and report the abuse. Once you have filed a report you need to meet with an attorney to discuss the charges and compile evidence to support your suitability for full custody of the child.

After the Lawyer and yourself compile the evidence, your lawyer will ask for an emergency family court hearing to argue your case. If you are successful, you will be granted temporary custody before going back to court to present evidence and petition for full custody. This part of the process can be very long and you have to prepare yourself mentally for a fight and a lot of emotion. It is vital at this point to gather affidavits of support from friends and family to show your suitability to raise the child on your own. It is the job of your ex-spouses lawyer to dig up evidence to show you are an unfit parent, so your goal is to paint yourself in the best possible light. No one is perfect, but you only have to show you can be the better parent, not that you are a saint. It is vital that you listen to your Lawyer during this time and do not make contact with your ex-spouse or their family. With the team at Cutter, you and your child's rights will be respected and defended.

How can Cutter and Associates help me with my family law case?

Here at Cutter we understand the emotion that surrounds these family cases and can help you combat it! The dedicated team at Cutter & Associates have years of experience fighting for clients like you and understand the complexities of family legal cases. If you are looking for a lawyer in the San Antonio, Texas area then look no further than us, Cutter and the team will be at your side, no matter what!


Criminal Law


Cutter & Associates Practice Areas for Criminal Law:


What is criminal law?

Criminal law is complex, but in essence this type of law covers you if you have been accused of a crime not covered under civil law. Criminal law includes crimes such as; theft, rape, domestic abuse, murder and other reckless acts. In criminal cases you have state and federal crimes and dependent on the crime you are accused of, the way the case is handled in vastly different. Furthermore, crimes committed can be classified as misdemeanors or felonies. The classification is dictated by the alleged crime.

What happens during a criminal case?

When you find yourself accused of a crime, depending on the case, you may or may not be in a holding cell when you need a lawyer. It is important to remember your rights to silence as well as a lawyer. Without a lawyer present anything you say can be twisted or misconstrued, not to mention the fact that you could be tricked into a confession. Do not speak to the police without a lawyer.

After you have been accused of a crime, the police must submit any and all evidence compiled for your lawyers review and you should expect to go through extensive questioning. If the lawyer is unable to prove there is not enough evidence to have arrested you in the first place, then your case is referred to prosecutors and you will be arraigned (brought to court) to be formally charged, now that is when things can get worse. Most prosecutors bring you into court for minor charges then pile on the rest. With an unsympathetic judge you may find yourself in remand, rather than out on bail. After the judges decision is made, your legal team will get started building your case and prepping for trial.

Trials can take months if not years to see the inside of a courtroom which can leave a devastating impact on yourself as well as your family. With the team at Cutter we will guide you through every step and fight to make sure the courts complete the process as quickly as is appropriate for the case.

How can Cutter & Associates help me with my criminal case?

Criminal cases are never ideal and can be stressful for yourself as well as your family, but with Cutter & Associates at your side, you will see the best possible outcome. The Cutter team has years of experience and a deep understanding of the complexity of criminal cases. If you need a criminal Lawyer in the San Antonio, Texas area then look no further than our friendly and passionate team of Lawyers.